Watch this brief video to learn more about Boomer vs Zoomer.

Do you want something unique for your next event? Our show is one of a kind and we can customize the show to meet your needs.

Live In-Person Show

  • Small to Large audience size
  • Flexible show length
  • Custom trivia game(s) that align with your event theme
  • Audience interaction

Virtual Livestream Show

  • Unlimited audience size
  • Flexible show length
  • Custom trivia game(s) that align with your event theme
  • Dynamic audience interaction
  • 100% Virtual
  • Global connectivity with contestants
You select the contestants! Imagine – siblings, families, friends or your leadership team playing head to head.
We know that including audience interaction is important! We’ve created many ways your friends, family, co-workers, or the public can get involved in the show.


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Audience interaction:

  • The audience can be asked questions before the show. The answers could be used in one of the games.
  • The audience can vote on which contestant gets special in game perks
  • The audience can vote on what game gets played next. We have many to choose from.
  • The audience can vote on who their favorite contestant is. Maybe they can change their mind at any time.
  • It would be cool if the contestants could get involved with the final round somehow.
  • zoomer could mean you’ve been at the company for 1 year. Boomer could mean 15 years etc.
  • Audience can vote on who they think is going to win the next round
  • Should we make a custom chat for the game?
  • Show emojis from the audience that can support or pan specific contestants. Quizmaster emojis, host emojis etc.
  • Multiple choice first round for company trivia


  • Supply your own quizmasters. Contact us for details
  • Time before and after the show to present a video, have a live speaker etc.
  • Show the company logo
  • Depending on the circumstances we could show video of the audience. Show different departments
  • Custom BvZ swag
  • We can display your company logo and event branding\
  • Intra-department contestants
  • Run company award ceremonies
  • Special announcements
  • We can develop unique presentations for any circumstance